Thank you for dropping by my website, I am not sure what led you here, maybe one of my blogs? Anyway, thank you.

First of all, I will share how I earn a living, then I will share with you some things about me!


I am Loran Northey and as you can see above, I enjoy life!


I am a Wealth-Being trainer and property investor/trainer and I help clients to create freedom in their lives. By creating the right mindset a person can achieve what they want to and wealth-being is not only about finances but being wealthy is everything – health, wealth and happiness. I work with people to make this happen so that they create balance in their lives. We work together to create the success, without the stress!

LORAN – LoRaN means Long Range Navigational Equipment, which is a technology that guides vessels from where they are to where they want to be, so in effect – I’m a living GPS!
Working with people to find out where they want to be in life and then guiding, steering and directing them along the way to their desired outcome.

Through practising what I preach and walking my talk, I now also help people learn how to make money from their property investment. I work alongside Vicki Wusche who has become a great friend and mentor of mine. I will share more later.

I have had a very exciting life, someone thought I must be in my eighties to have fitted so much in!

I love to travel and have been in a huge number of countries in the Tour Operator world, my love of people and kids gave me a vast opportunity to live a nomadic life where I learned that ‘living’ was what we are all here for.

I see so many people stressed, unhappy and living to work that I wanted to find a way to help them. This led me to studying NLP, Hypnosis, Symbiodynamics,Teaching and various other Neuro Sciences. I built a successful Coaching and Personal Development Practice in 2005, Paramount Coaching working with individuals and corporates, plus county councils to help people back to work, confidence & self esteem issues, NLP and helping adults with mental health issues and life challenges that were creating barriers to their life. Speaking, coaching and training on various topics, globally.

In 2007, I met my colleague Vicki Wusche at a personal development event and she and I hit it off. Vicki is incredibly knowledgeable about the property industry and has studied and learned how to make money through investing in property. She is a great communicator and teacher and is so passionate about it. As a result of knowing her and learning from her, my family and I began our path to property investment.

A great life choice of mine as I’ve now gone from Tour Guide to Tourist!

Vicki liked my values and my passion for life and people and we decided to work together.

We created The Property Sourcers and The Sourcers Apprentice.

My vast experience in mindset coaching & teaching skills, plus my personal experience of property investment added to Vicki’s huge property investment experience & knowledge meant that our union made the perfect match!

At The Property Sourcers we offer financially aware clients the opportunity to invest in a tailor-made property investment portfolio, which we find, fix and fill for you. If you are unsure whether you have sufficient financial resources to start investing in property right away then we can work with you to create a clear financial strategy, identify any untapped financial resources.

We created The Sourcers Apprentice as some clients decide that they want to find and buy the properties themselves and of course if they have time, then we can help with that by offering resources, information, training and support to help people establish their own profitable property businesses.

We provide our knowledge in a way that allows people to build their trust in us, we want people to like us and share our values.

When talking about wealth, we know that it can sound like a ‘get-rich’ scheme and a priority to us is to have a strong reputation of being real and honest. We offer a full service, whether that’s hands-off or hand-holding property investment.

The bonus of us is that not only do we help you to improve your finances but we can also help you to create real ‘wealth’ because let’s face it, how can you enjoy your money if are unhealthy and/or stressed out all the time!

So if you would like to increase and secure your financial future please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

Within Paramount Coaching the aim is the same, to assist clients to live a free and wealthy life. Using tried and tested mind-skill techniques clients not only become clear on what they want but learn how to actually make it happen. We really get you programmed for success!

Remember: ‘What we think about we bring about’ ask yourself ‘Am I getting the results I want or am I making excuses?’ AND ‘Am I happy with that?’

Member of APHP (Association Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists)
Member of NRPC (National Register Psychotherapists & Counsellors)
Mentor & Member of IOEE (Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs)

Some client feedback:

‘You will recall during my first visit last year I said work was stressful because complaints had been made about me …. lack of concentration, lack of accuracy, etc …. and because of that I had been getting £50 per annum increase for the past 3 years. Well this time around one of my bosses commented on how invaluable I have become because I have shown accuracy and vision in sorting out the billing! She gave me a BIG present and I got 2.3% increase which is very good by company standards. As I give myself a pat on the back I also will give you one ….. in helping me concentrate in my work and carrying out any task diligently …. and I am very grateful to be amongst your clients. I really get a boost whenever I visit and I have gained more confidence over the past year thanks to you.’ TL

‘Loran, Thanks for helping me to overcome my stresses and fears around the financial side of property investment. I know without you, I would never have done it!’ JN

‘Loran, as you know I was getting along fine before I came to see you, successful career, good finances, etc, but I was also working 24/7 stressed out and miserable. Thanks for working with me to create a work/life balance and for giving me my life back!’ NW

‘Just to let you know that I flew this week without any problems! Thanks so much, as you know travelling 3 times a week with a flying phobia was really affecting my health and home life. Now I can just make good use of my time and concentrate on what’s important’ DA

Get in touch and lets talk!


Tel: 07709564426


Ps. Here are a few of the online products I offer, click on the picture to take you to the link.